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Alan Titchmarsh hits out at modern technology


Alan Titchmarsh goes live on B&Q’s Facebook to spread the green word, after issuing a warning against Britain’s technology reliant culture.

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Alan Titchmarsh, the nation’s favourite gardener and B&Q’s celebrity ambassador has warned against Britain’s technology reliant culture, saying that if we don’t get more hands on with nature there is little hope for our future.

Alan Titchmarsh said: 'We are now part of a fast-paced culture that has become increasingly reliant on technology - in pressing a button or two to achieve our aims. But if that means we lose the ability to involve ourselves in a hands-on-way with nature, to understand how she works and to each play an active part in growing and nurturing things then there is little hope for the future. Whingeing on about global warming and climate change is not enough, it is even more important that we each of us look after our own patch of land right now - however small - and make the most of it under the prevailing weather conditions. Sowing seeds, planting and growing things are practical ways in which we can make a difference, and they are a far more valuable contribution to the wholesomeness of the environment, the wellbeing of wildlife and the health of the planet than a lot of hot air, from wherever it is generated.”

Alan’s call to action: “We need to get out there - each one of us - and get stuck in; only then can we experience the joy of working first-hand with nature and be confident in passing on our skills to generations that follow. If all we can hand on is another button to press to save time, or a speedier arrival at a destination courtesy of even faster transport, the time will come when we will wonder why we bothered arriving there at all.”

To get his message across, Alan has decided that if he can’t beat them, he may as well join them, preening his keyboard skills to host his first ever online Q&A on B&Q’s Facebook. The two hour online forum is scheduled for 10am to 12pm on the 26th March, and fans will be able to chat with Alan, and tap into his expert knowledge on gardening and the great outdoors.

Testing the online waters won’t be Alan’s only ‘first’ this March. His statement arrives the week before his first ever appearance at this year’s Ideal Home Show (March 16th to April 1st) where he hopes to encourage Brits back into the garden, inspiring them with ideas for their own garden designs. On the 17th – 19th March, Alan will be putting his gardening expertise to good use, by demonstrating his essential tips to achieve the perfect, vibrant garden this summer in his ‘Bringing Colour into your Garden’ session which will take place in the How To Theatre which is in association with B&Q.

Latest figures released from B&Q from a poll of over 2,000 home owners reveal that gardening is at the top of our home improvement agenda for 2012, with over 90 per cent of us rather getting stuck into a gardening chore, over a task indoors. The same poll also revealed that women have taken over from men as gardening guardians, emerging as the gender most likely to complete the family’s gardening jobs.

Two thirds of Brits have at some point grown something themselves, with 86 per cent of people actually eating what they grow. Surprisingly double the amount of men over women said growing their own made them feel worthy and sensible.

2012 will see over a quarter of the nation renovate their home ahead of the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations, with the average person expected to invest around £808 (almost ten per cent more than 2011), with kitchens, bathrooms and gardens predicted to be the biggest areas of growth.

Katherine Paterson, B&Q’s Marketing Director said: “We’re delighted to continue our mission to make gardening easier and greener for everyone into its third year. Alan’s wealth of knowledge and passion continues to inspire the nation to improve their outdoor spaces, and sharing his expertise has helped to encourage thousands of individuals and families to step back and say with a huge sense of pride, ‘I did that’. ”

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